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When bills stack up against you.. Debt consolidation loans combine your monthly bills into one manageable payment
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When you need a break. Lifestyle Loans for your dream vacation, technology gadgets, weddings, clothing, and more
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When the road of life gets you down, come see your personal loan representative to get the money you need. Whether you have past mistakes or not, we may still be able to help you out today. We specialize in loans ranging from $100 to $3,000. The money you need for the things you want! Come see us today. Personal loans, debt consolidation loans, loans for life-changing events, lifestyle loans, home repair loans. What ever you need we have a solution for you.

How Can We Meet Your Needs?

When you need a breakSometimes you need to get away. Well, you deserve to do just that! With our vacation and lifestyle loans you can go ahead and book that flight or get on that cruise. Get out there and enjoy the things that life has to offer!With a lifestyle loan from Bonaire Finance Company you can also have the means to get the latest technological gadgets or gaming systems, new lawn care equipment, gifts for birthdays or holidays, or clothing and jewelry. You can now afford to give your family what they want, knowing that you have a set payment and due date on your loan.
When you feel the need to improveWind, storms, weather, time, termites… our homes take a beating. Of course, these things tend to happen when we can least afford them. Now you can give your home a little TLC with our home repair loan. You can easily replace windows, buy new appliances, give your home a fresh coat of paint or do that long-awaited landscaping you’ve longed to do. Here are some other things you can do with a personal home repair loan:furniture, flooring, plumbing, electrical, cosmetics, gutters, siding, decking, paving, garage maintenance
When life takes a financial turnWith our friendly, professional staff you will find a loan that fits your life, your needs, and your budget. Whether it’s an upcoming wedding, a funeral, or a new baby, we can offer a loan that allows you to focus on the events in your life and not to worry about how to pay for them.Personal Starter Loan – for the person stepping out on their own. Life Event Loans, such as Engagement Ring, Wedding, Funeral, Divorce or Separation, New Baby, Baby Needs, New Apartment, or Furniture.
When life throws you an Uh-OhSometimes we find ourselves in the midst of unexpected expenses that we simply cannot afford. Bonaire Finance Company offers personal loans from $100 to $3,000, with terms that meet the needs of any budget. We will provide you with financial help even if your credit is not perfect.

Emergency Room Visits – For all your bumps and bruises
Dental Work – to give you that perfect smile
Automibile Repairs – from flat tires to fender-benders
Pet Care – shots to surgery to keep Fido happy and healthy
Medical Devices – For higher quality of life like glasses, hearing aides, orthopedic braces, etc.
When bills stack up against youAre you swimming in a sea of unpaid bills? Do you feel like you’re drowning in debt? With a debt consolidation loan we can combine your monthly bills and provide you with one manageable monthly payment. This payment allows you pay on principal as well as interest, therefore steadily decreasing your debt.