Lifestyle Loans

Lifestyle Loans

Payday Loans – When you need a break

Sometimes you need to get away. Well, you deserve to do just that! With our vacation and lifestyle loans you can go ahead and book that flight or get on that cruise. Get out there and enjoy the things that life has to offer!

With a lifestyle loan from Bonaire Finance Company you can also have the means to get the latest technological gadgets or gaming systems, new lawn care equipment, gifts for birthdays or holidays, or clothing and jewelry. You can now afford to give your family what they want, knowing that you have a set payment and due date on your loan.

With our friendly, professional staff you will find a loan that fits your life, your needs, and your budget. Whether it’s an upcoming wedding, a funeral, or a new baby, we can offer a loan that allows you to focus on the events in your life and not to worry about how to pay for them.

  • Personal Starter Loan – for the person stepping out on their own
  • Engagement Ring
  • Wedding
  • Funeral
  • Divorce or Separation
  • New Baby
  • Baby Needs, such as clothing, car seat, crib, etc.
  • New Apartment
  • Furniture – for that new apartment